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Travel Agency RFP and Negotiation Processes

How We Get There:

Needs Assessment

Research Current Stats

Develop Requirements and Functions

Research Financial Models

Initial Plan

Consider Cost Reduction

Finalize Plan

Your travel agency is the backbone of your whole business travel program, so it needs to be a great match with the level of service you prefer.

Whether it's a single-country program, a regional program or a global multi-country travel program, Travel Consulted can help you select the right agency while ensuring quality service for both travelers and your management team - at the right price.

Travel Consulted helps put the processes and measurements in place that are needed to monitor and measure your success. Our professionals use proven screening methodology and proprietary evaluation tools to produce the RFP documents that will get responses from bidders that are easy for you to evaluate. From there, we use proven industry strategies to compare and normalize pricing based on the way you actually use travel agency services. That way, you'll get a real-life understanding of what you would pay for the next several years and how much savings you can expect for your travel program.

Airline Strategy and Negotiation

Airline Strategy and Negotiation

You provide a great deal of value for your airline partners. Are they returning the favor?

Even smaller firms can lower costs while simultaneously maintaining the convenience travellers need when it comes to negotiating rates with airlines. Partnering with Travel Consulted can make the difference between status quo and real service and savings.

Travel Consulted also knows that change avoidance is important for some things and change management is important for others. For example, most companies want to continue using their preferred airline in their home city. The best way for you to optimize your airline costs is to understand what you spend today and use that to estimate what the future will bring and where you can look for cost reductions, given your priorities.

At Travel Consulted, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you through the RFP process and can negotiate alongside you - or on your behalf - when speaking with airlines. We can also identify providers of savings based on the airlines you actually use, rather than suggesting changes you cannot support internally. This keeps travelers happier with the travel program and more likely to follow through with your policies, saving money every step of the way. In the world of travel procurement, "Management = Savings."

Hotel Negotiated Rate Programs

It's a little-known fact that hotels can be a goldmine of savings, and as you unearth these opportunities, you'll want to optimize them without sacrificing quality. Travel Consulted can help you find all the different ways you can save on hotel expenditures and bolster your efforts to increase your employees' compliance with your travel policies.

Employee compliance is a big deal when it comes to hotel savings because most travel policy violations among companies nationwide result from travelers avoiding hotels with top-negotiated rates in order stay where they best rack up personal rewards points. Travel Consulted can help you track exactly where your money is going and who goes around your policy. From there, savings is a snap!

More Opportunities to Optimize Your Travel

Car Rental Savings

Car rental contracts can be very confusing, because many vendors offer a great daily rate. But the details are where the costs really grow (frequently 30-40%) or the savings can be unearthed. Travel Consulted professionals know all the sources of savings on rental car and ground transportation and can negotiate on your behalf.

Credit Card Rebates

Company credit cards help manage a travel program significantly because you stand to gain better insight over how your money was spent. But remember, credit card companies get paid every time a card is used - and you can reclaim a share of the income they collect. Travel Consulted has associate staff that can help you decide which card programs optimize these rebates and what will end up costing less than just managing the selection and negotiation process yourself. After all, why leave good money on the table?

Travel Risk Management

Travel Risk Management

World events effect your travelers whether you expect it or not, and your company is responsible for properly handling travelers stuck in the middle of weather or health or, worst of all, terrorist events. The exposure to a company can be very costly in many ways. Travel Consulted helps organizations strategize and work toward best in class, travel risk management programs that help in addressing duty of care.

Start with a flat fee, one-day assessment and consultation. Receive a benchmarked report, measuring your organization on ten key process areas of a best in class, mature travel risk management program. This is your blueprint, and your journey begins here. Travel Consulted can be < on call > for you or just an advisor that gives you an eye to the strategy for success.

How We Get Paid

What About Price?

We get paid by our clients - not from travel vendors. That means there are no kickbacks or other behind-the-scenes incentives to distract us from what is best for your company. This way, all the benefits are yours and only yours.

Travel Consulted offers flat-fee, hourly, ceiling, and gain-share pricing. It's your call. Throughout the journey of securing the best for your travel program, we want to ensure you are comfortable using our services, and we are happy to work through it with you and make adjustments at any stage.

Travel Consulted professionals work by stringent standards that empower us to remain impartial and focused on whatever vendors best suit your needs. We also know what can be accomplished in contracting with many different vendors based on years of experience helping clients find out if they're getting the best pricing and terms. But we don't simply use our industry experience to dispense advice. Instead, we study the difference every time - without spending tons of billable time to do it - so that our knowledge is never outdated. For example, if a vendor was rejected last month, they'll get a chance to bridge the gap and compete for your attention at the next opportunity.

With us, your budget goes farther than ever.


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